Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DIY How to Make Inexpensive Face Wash

Being a wife of a student, and a mother of four kids, I've had to find ways to penny pinch. Every time I'd run out of face wash I'd cringe. I felt like I was literally pouring money down the drain when I needed to buy more. Is it just me, or does it seem like beauty products have become ridiculously priced?

Needless to say, I wanted to find something more practical that still worked. I did some research on making homemade face wash. I was frustrated with what I found. Most recipes called for expensive, or random items. As I was about to give up, I came across a blog on using oil. I quickly jotted down the recipe. I have to admit, since it took some looking and was so hard to find, I was a bit skeptical and I wondered if it would work. I've been using this for months now, and my skin is much clearer and healthier than it every has been before. AND it's so easy to make! While I wish I'd have bookmarked the blog where I originally found how to make this. I looked and looked, but it was nowhere to be found. However, it's all over the place now, which I think further proves what a great face wash this is. Here's another popular site that mentions it. I feel bad that I didn't give proper credit to where I got the know how, but I've learned I'll need to be better about bookmarking and giving proper credit where it due. Anyhow, here's the recipe for:

Here's what you'll need:
  • one bottle (I found mine at Walmart)
  • Caster Oil
  • Sunflower oil, or extra virgin olive oil (I use the sunflower oil. It takes a bit getting used to smelling sunflower seeds while washing your face, but it's not a bad smell. It's just not the fruity or floral smell most of us would be used to).
  • A wash cloth
You can make this to fit your skin type. I recommend making the "Normal" blend though. I'd always been told my skin was dry, but the normal blend seems to work best for me. Play around and see what's best for you:

Normal Skin: Equal amounts of caster oil and sunflower/extra virgin olive oil

Dry Skin: Fill the bottle two-thirds of the way with sunflower/extra virgin olive oil and then one-third of the way with caster oil

Oily Skin: Fill the bottle two-thirds of the way with caster oil and one-third of the way with  sunflower/extra virgin olive oil.

The great news is, you only have to use this face wash once a day. It's recommended you rinse your face in the morning with water, but you probably could even skip that if you wanted. When you shower just bring your wash cloth with you and put it over your face to open the pores up. I always give my mix of face wash a good shake and then apply a little more than a dimes worth. No scrubbing is needed. Once you've rubbed it on your face, rinse and softly wipe it off with the help of your washcloth. If you don't want to steam wash your face, or don't like showering at night, that's okay. Just use a hot wash cloth and let your miracle mix of oils work there magic.

I've been using this for almost a year now and it really does work better than anything I've ever tried before. And when your all out, just wash your bottle in the dishwasher and re-make.

UPDATE: After moving to a more humid climate, and going from being pregnant, to nursing, and then being done nursing, I've noticed I still am tweaking with the ratio of sunflower oil to caster oil. I hate humidity! I'd still recommend it if you're not in a humid area though.

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