Friday, September 6, 2013

Four Tips on How to Stay Organized When Using a Whiteboard

Here are some tricks that may come in handy if you use whiteboards a lot for organization. I picked up on these when I was a freshman in college. My roommates and I used a whiteboard to divvy up chores and to write down messages for one another. Here are some of the tricks we used...

You can use a permanent marker on a whiteboard. Use one for lines and words you want to last for a long time. On my DIY calendar whiteboard, I used permanent marker for the lines and for the names of the days during the week.

Did you notice my lines aren't the straightest? I swear I used a ruler, but melamine can be a little slippery. You can also see a couple of extra lines on the bottom, and some lines that were erased. Also, notice how my Wednesday and Thursday have faded a lot. I've used this for months now, and it's ready to be fixed.

One of my most favorite tricks is that permanent marker isn't permanent on can erase it! All you need is an old dry-erase marker that is running out of ink and not working so well. You can also use a free one, but beware: the ink from the permanent marker will dry out a new dry-erase marker.

Notice how I erased and re-wrote Wednesday and Thursday and then fixed some of the bottom lines. The board still isn't sparkly clean, but I don't mind so much. If you do, nail polish remover is another way to erase permanent marker and will really get the board to shine.

Once you're done, fill in the month and days, or whatever else. You'll notice as you fill it in, you won't notice the not-so-straight lines so much, and if you do, you can always erase them and try again.

When filling in your calendar, you may want to use different colors for different people, or different tasks. For this month I'm using red for my husband, orange for myself, green for the kids etc...

We also have another whiteboard where I write everyone's weekly goal, things I need to pick up at the grocery store, daily responsibilities (aka chores) for the kids, and a daily to-do list. Each night before we get ready for bed Daniel and I update the calendar and discuss what we have going on the next day. Having these daily meetings helps us stay on top of things and try to maintain balance.

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