Sunday, February 16, 2014

When Life Slows Us Down

In case you were curious... I haven't just given up on my couch. Although, I did quit a week or so ago when I was feeling under the weather. Let's just say life slowed me down a bit the last couple of weeks. After I was sick my son got really sick...and then there were a lot of "experiments" to clean up. You cleaning toilet paper out of our spray bottle because my son thought he'd see what would happen. Then there was the trail of bright blue gloop we couldn't quite figure out. Not until I followed the trail to the bathroom and found our soap dispenser had this same blue stuff in it (I apologize for the crappy pictures from my iPod):

It ended up being body wash he'd gotten out of the master bathroom and had carried to the kids bathroom (thus the trail). At first we thought it was toothpaste.

Then later my daughter came up to me crying and screaming. At first I thought Thomas the train had impaled her, but soon realized it was just very very stuck in her hair. I suppose she was giving herself an amazing head massage with the train and was unaware that she was also tangling half of her hair in its' wheels. The crazy thing is... I was with my kids almost all day and they were almost always in my view. I'd turn around for just a second and some other minor disaster would have occurred. After several more disasters happened I started snapping pictures so I could document it all and reconfirm, "Yes, this really did happen." I was repeating the mantra, "This will be funny later. This will be funny later." At the time it kept me somewhat calm and sane.

During "quiet time" I decided I'd put my alone time to good use and would get some household tasks done. I started making  meals to freeze and was just bagging the last bit. I was pleased that I'd used my alone time to be productive and was excited I'd still have a little bit of time to relax for a bit. Just as I turned to reach for a sharpie to write down the date and instructions on my last bag of soup the bag tipped and the contents came spilling out. I had tomato chunks in between the molding under the cabinet and under and in between the stove...

 Then there was the crayon mess. On of the kids dumped a huge freezer bag of old crayons. Some got stuck under a door. So, my little girl decided to open the door so she could grab them. She had great would have been a great idea had the door not been so close to the floor. Instead of opening, it caught on several crayons and scrapped the floor with colored wax. Since a rainbow of color was already visible she decided she'd add her own art soon after. It took a very long time to clean everything up.

So, while I was able to get everything for the couch cut out and ready to sew and staple, I decided to stop for a bit and slow down hoping the mini-disasters would slow down too. Predictably, it is funny to look back on it now that it's all over. It's amazing how such small messes can be so overwhelming at times.

This week was much more productive. Everything is sewn (except one cushion and another cushion I want to re-do). I have a good portion stapled onto the frame of the couch and it's looking amazing! I'll likely add a bit more soon...(said while crossing fingers and silently praying).

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